Sunday, November 14, 2010

"If you live to be hundred, I want to be hundred minus one I never have to live without you."--Winnie the Pooh

You know you have someone in your life you feel this way about. Think of that person. Now go share this quote with them.
"Dr. Haggen was right when she said memories can either push us forward or hold us back. I carry the memory of Hannah like a soldier carries his rifle into war, a war most people don't even know exists, a war that may someday engulf us all."--from a show on the Syfy channel, and of course the name completely escapes me now

I love the simile, though, the equation of memories being attached to people like weapons are attached to men in war. Weapons are dangerous, as everyone knows, but memories can be, too. And when you feel them, slamming into you with each breath you take, they can knock you down until there's barely anything left of you. It's interesting the way things get into people's heads, and stay there, particularly when you want these memories to just drift away, like soldiers can when they come home from war.